Marine Electric Powertrain Systems

The electrification of marine propulsion systems is key to the development of a new vessel generation that sets new standards in terms of propulsion efficiency, ecosystem protection, drivability and usable space. Fiberdraft combines automotive battery system development and powertrain integration know how with shipbuilding experience.

We offer our customers a wide range of services:

Powertrain Engineering

The switch to an all-electric powertrain changes the rules of the game for many boat components. Fiberdaft develops solutions for optimized inherently electric boat concepts.

Even when retrofitting existing boat architectures, many adjustments are necessary to integrate an electric propulsion system.

Fiberdraft takes care of system engineering, design and component integration, simulation (mechanical, thermal, CFD), the layout of the electrical and electronic connections and circuit diagrams as well as prototype sample assembly.

System Integration

Fiberdraft takes over the installation of subsystems in the vessel:

Battery system, e-drive or hybrid system, inverters, electrical and automation system incl. wiring harness, navigation equipment, steering and speed control, generators, battery chargers, thrusters, photovoltaic system, air condition system


Our vessel installation team can support the necessary vessel and powertrain service activities.

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