Battery Design

Electrochemical energy storage of vehicles of all kinds and stationary storage for the use of renewable energy

Fiberdraft has extensive knowledge in cell integration, module, pack and housing design, thermal cell conditioning, electrical and electronic mechanization, vehicle integration taking into account crash loads and vehicle dynamics, and holds patents to optimize energy density and manufacturing efficiency.

Virtual Reality

Use of the latest VR technology in engineering

With the help of „Neuböck Innovative Engineering“, a highly competent engineering partner and also a specialist in the field of virtual reality, VR can be used easily and uncomplicated in the earliest phase of product development, i.e. during the design. The resulting advantages are obvious: a high potential for reduction in time, cost and risk through an early detection of errors and problems, a corresponding increase in product quality and the most convenient way to experience the product very early very close to real life.

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Combustion engine design

Cylinder head, crank case, valve train, intake & exhaust system, crank train, etc.

The internal combustion engine is a technology in extinction, but the know-how is useful. The design for suitable casting of different materials and casting technologies in cast iron and aluminum, the integration of complex subsystems, e.g. Hydraulics or pneumatics as well as the design of components for highest thermal and mechanical loads are used in our development projects.

Welded design

Requirements-optimized welding constructions in steel and aluminum

Aluminum and steel structures have to be optimized according to the demands and the purpose. The selection of the semi-finished products, the interfaces of the individual elements and the adjustment to the assembly and welding process decisively determine the costs and the installation quality of the system.

Lightweight design

Fiber-plastic composite of carbon, glass or aramid fiber, as well as many other fiber materials and their combinations

It takes special know-how to realize the advantages of high strength and stiffness at very low density, free shaping, and the coordination of fiber and resin into a design and utilize the advantages. The design of fiber composite parts is a key core know-how of Fiberdraft.

Plastic design

Design of plastic components of all kinds (injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, thermoforming, etc.)

Plastic injection molding is one of the most widely-used manufacturing technologies. The main advantage is the very low component costs. However, the tool costs depend very much on the conceptual design of the components, which requires profound manufacturing know-how. Fiberdraft is specialized in the application-oriented design of injection molding components and in the multi-component process too.